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Have you ever looked yourself in Google?

Did you read our blog post Why does your digital footprint matter?

If you did not, you might want to start there, and if you did, maybe you remember that to know your digital footprint, we suggested looking for your name in Google.

Looking for your name, short name, and nickname in Google helps you get a sense of your digital footprint.

If you find things that you feel proud of, you are on a good path.

If you find things that you published yourself, you are in control of your digital footprint. However, if you find things that you feel ashamed of or that you would not want others to see, then you have something to do!

There are two avenues to what you can do.

First, suppose you know the organisation or person who published your picture or about you. Then, try to ask them to remove your online information or picture image.

Nevertheless, if you do not know them or if the website owner is difficult to reach, you can first remove the image or info from the google search by accessing the following link:

This website outlines all the practical steps to remove the content from appearing in the google search. Furthermore, they can also guide you to request your data or image removal from other websites.

Take a look and let us know how comfortable you feel with your digital footprint and if you used these tips to remove any content you do not like!

In brief, here is a video:

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