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Why does your digital footprint matter?

Digital footprint is a term that we hear more and more frequently but many times we are not aware of its importance and how it can affect our lives. In this entry of our blog, we want to give you useful information to understand what digital footprint is and start taking control of it.

What is digital footprint?

Digital footprint refers to all the information available online about a person posted either by that person or others, intentionally or unintentionally.[1]

One example of digital footprint can be a post you make on social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok), this post is now part of your digital trail, and therefore part of your digital footprint. Your trail grows as you interact more online. For example, when you visit a website, fill out a digital form, or accept cookies from a website.

Why should I take care of my digital footprint?

Your digital footprint can have a lasting impact on your reputation, relationships and employment opportunities (both positive and negative).

One of the most important things to take into account is that our digital footprint is permanent. Every time we do something online is stored forever. Even if we delete a post, what we shared has already been saved. It is much easier to store data rather than delete it.

Our digital footprint can be used to obtain personal information about us, such as demographics, religion, political affiliation, interests or personality. If we don't take care of our digital footprint, others can obtain wrong conclusions about us. [2]

How can I start taking control of my digital footprint?

This simple checklist can help us to maintain our online reputation:

Search yourself online: Do a simple web search of your name and see what you can find. If you find something you aren’t happy with, take the necessary steps to get that content removed.

Check privacy settings: make sure you know what information you are sharing on the websites you use, in particular on social networking sites. You can decide if you want your posts to be shared with your online friends only or with the public.

Think twice before you post: before you post that funny picture of your friend, or make that joke about someone on Twitter, ask yourself if you want everyone to see it; friends, family, grandparents, future employers? Would you be happy for others to post that type of content about you? You should be proud of everything you post online. Remember, once it is online it could be there forever!

Deactivate and delete: when you stop using a social networking profile or website, it’s a good idea to deactivate or delete your account.

Take advantage of your digital footprint: figure out which areas you would like most to be involved in and start a positive posting strategy about it!


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