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What can kids learn?

Technology has revolutionized the way we live, learn, and work.

Nowadays, kids and adults require new skills to face the upcoming challenges and use technology to enhance their everyday life. 

Dexterity provides innovative learning opportunities and resources to develop the kids' Tech Skills, which will help them understand how the technology works, as well as how to use it and create it.  

According to UNESCO, Tech skills are the ability to use digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage information. They enable people to create and share digital content, communicate, collaborate, and solve problems for effective and creative self-fulfillment in life, learning, work, and social activities.

Tech skills allow users to make use of digital technologies in empowering and transformative ways such as artificial intelligence and machine learning and, in turn, impact capacity building and skills development for the 21st-century digital economy.


Tech skills prepare children for the future

By embracing tech skills in early years, children evolve along with technology. They become aware and prepared to use the technology safely and responsibly to face the world of the future. 


Digital and tech competency fosters other 21st century skills

When children learn computer science and develop their tech skills they also stimulate other skills required for the 21st century such as critical thinking, creativity, effective communication, problem solving, collaboration, engineering-design thinking, math and science skills.



Computational thinking is a skill required for the future of work

Tech skills such as computational thinking helps students develop skills that are attractive for future employment opportunities.


Tech skills help children become confident problem solvers

By understanding how computers work, children learn to articulate and analyze the problem at hand and think logically to solve it. Furthermore, it helps them explore cause and effect and analyze how their actions or the actions of others impact the given situation.


Coding Improves other important academic skills

Learning coding develops helps children improve educational skills such as math, reading comprehension and writing academic performance.


Tech skills such as coding help children develop resilience

When learning tech skills such as coding, children are challenged, confronted with mistakes and stressful situations so they develop their resilience

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