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Women Power

At Dexterity Club, we want to create a Tech community that enables us to achieve our goals. Our community consists of entrepreneurs, tech leaders, companies, schools, teachers, education professionals, parents, and caregivers. Together, we aim to provide the best resources and connect children to the future.

This week we want to introduce you to Dineke and Aline, founders of Ellevate Amsterdam.

They have been a true inspiration to us because of their commitment to diversity and empowering women.

Through different activities and consultancy projects, they bring women together and support them achieve their professional goals. As a result, Ellevate women develop their potential to successfully participate in the IT labor market and become role models for each other and future girls in IT.

Additionally, Ellevate supports companies to become more diverse and international by advancing female participation in IT. If you are interested in knowing more about their work or how you can join the Ellevate team, connect with them through their webpage.

We are very proud to have Ellevate in our Tech community and together connect girls and women interested in STEM and IT. Role models are essential to inspire girls to become whatever they dream of. Therefore, Ellevate and its members are key to helping us achieve our goals.

Last year, we had the first Girls Summer Camp, and this year, we are planning a bunch of new activities together.

To start, do not miss out on our conversation on the Safer Internet Day about the kids’ internet use on Feb. 24 (register here).

Next, in April, we plan a Girls in ICT Day and more activities for girls and boys.

See you soon!

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