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What are the benefits of STEAM education for kids?

You’ve probably heard of the acronym STEAM. This term was introduced in the 21st century as an educational approach which refers to careers centered around science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. In an era when technical and scientific skills are increasingly important in the workforce, exposing children to STEAM learning in the early years has become key.

STEAM brings together five critical areas to create an inclusive learning environment that encourages all students to participate, collaborate and solve problems. This holistic approach encourages students to exercise both the left and right sides of their brains simultaneously, as they would need to do in a 21st century working environment.

Some of the benefits to introduce STEAM education in early ages are the following:

  1. Prepare kids for the changing workforce: Children who receive a STEAM-based education from an early age will be best-prepared for the future, which will require employees to think and act both more critically and more creatively.

  2. Foster creativity: this approach combines imagination and creativity and contributes to new ideas and inventions. The recent advances in artificial intelligence or digital learning will not be feasible without imagination and innovation.

  3. Improve teamwork skills. STEAM promotes an inclusive learning environment that encourages kids to collaborate in solving problems with others.

  4. Innovation. STEAM encourages kids to work outside the box when solving problems and create their own solutions.

Did you know the benefits of STEAM education? We do, that is why in each of our activities we seek to promote this approach and bring children closer to technology in a fun and attractive way!

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