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How much screen time is enough?

Recently we have been experiencing a lot more screen time than before.

As adults, we work, read, and spend our spare time on digital devices.

Our kids also spend a lot more time on their devices than before. Children nowadays do school activities, play, read, communicate, and more on their devices.

How many screens do we have at home?

Starting with the mobile phone, laptop, tablet, TV, and sometimes we even have a smartwatch.

But, for our children, How much is enough?

There is no clear guidance in deciding how much is enough. However, we must reflect on what are our children doing on their digital devices?

Common Sense Research stu

dies have identified four main categories of things that children do online:

1. Passive: when someone is only receiving information from the digital device. For instance, watching videos on YouTube, scrolling on social media, or watching a movie on Netflix.

2. Interactive: when playing games or participating in a certain way, you give information and receive some stimuli.

3. Communication: when using social media or communication apps such as Whatsapp.

4. Content creation: when someone uses a digital device to create something. For instance, coding or making digital art.

We all agree that children do not get the same from being passive users as from creating content. How much time are our children spending in these four categories?

We all have to pay attention to what our children are doing and motivate them to use technology responsibly.

How do we start?

First, we have to start by ourselves. Being our children's role models is essential to help them control their online behavior.

Second, keep a record of what your children are doing with their screen time and help them reflect on what they are learning and whether they could better use their online time.

Third, Consider creating a schedule that works for everyone in the family. Maybe define some spaces or times when we do not use digital devices or when we do not do passive activities online.

As Dexterity, we are here to support you and your family!

Do you want to know more?

Let us know your questions, and we will do our best to answer them!


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