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Are We Ready For The Future?

Have you ever thought about this question? What do we need to be able to successfully face the future?

Recently an academic article (Kotsiou, Fajardo-Tovar, et al., 2022) was published explaining which skills people should develop to thrive in the future world.

Maybe you already know what these skills are or maybe you have a general idea about them. However, we really want to highlight today the importance of taking the necessary steps to support your children in developing these skills.

As Kotsiou and colleagues (2022) found, many frameworks try to answer this question. These frameworks have been created worldwide by the World Economic Forum, UNESCO, UNICEF, and even the LEGO Foundation, among others. Trying to synthesize more than 99 existing frameworks, they came up with 9 categories of primary skills people need to be successful in the future world. These include:

How are you and your children on these Future Skills?

Are they developing these skills through school activities, extracurricular activities, or self-guided activities? What are you guys missing?

It is important to note that what we usually call the “future,” full of changes, challenges, and perhaps some uncertainty is already here. As we all know, from the start of the pandemic onwards, our world has evolved enormously. For instance, our increased interaction in the digital world, the sustainability challenges, the effects of globalization, and conflicts between countries have brought the need to develop new and more complex skills.

So, what do you think? Are we ready for the future?

If you want to know more about the article cited, please look for it. It is an open-access article published in the journal: Irish Educational Studies.

Full reference:

Kotsiou, A., Fajardo-Tovar, D. D., Cowhitt, T., Major, L., & Wegerif, R. (2022). A scoping review of Future Skills frameworks. Irish Educational Studies, 41(1), 171–186. doi:10.1080/03323315.2021.2022522

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